Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump and The Common Man

One of the questions asked by those who have little or no connection to the common man is, “Why is Trump so popular?”

One of the answers, of many, is that Trump, despite his wealth and privilege, can say the things the common man and woman feel. i.e. disgust with the current government in Washington and its inability to work for the common good, fear that more ISIS-inspired attacks will take place on the hallowed home ground of America, worry over debt, business failures’, job loss, children coming of age and sent off to wars that the common man and woman don’t want and do not want to understand. The argument that America has a global strategic importance, articulated by the learned explainers, doesn’t make sense when daily strategic importance often only extends to neighborhoods and barely into regions.

The “common sector” of America is angry, and they are willing to excuse campaign vulgarity, false statements, and half-truths because Trump is saying the same uninformed things they are. The poor and the middle class see Trump’s wealth as his diploma of truth. He’s got lots of money, and he keeps saying so over and over, so he must know something they don’t.

Is he appealing to the base-common and often ignorant fears of so many? Yes! Why? Because no other politico, democrat or republican, has been able to articulate the common concerns by using the current language that Washington utters in their perennial negative television sound-bites. Again, strategic importance has regional bulwarks and faith-driven beliefs and fears inhibiting common understanding and meaning.

Where that leaves the political, common-man, macrocosm in the gestalt of American microcosmic politics is, “I vote for that guy.”

I don’t think there is a way to stop it. It’s endemic and pandemic at the same time. The flocking together has started, like birds swirling and turning, no one knowing who's leading or where they are going, but they're doing something. It’s instinctive and unstoppable. When "the people" get tired and frustrated with what is, they individually change the dynamic, and when enough people are tired and frustrated with what is, the dynamic becomes collective and, in this case, a candidate is formed.

There still may be skullduggery at the convention.

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