Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Once Again

Once Again
©2016 Rolland G. Smith

And once again, a hatred came to kill.
Once again the innocent lay and die.
Once again, ICIS, the scourge of Islam
Embraced the bomb to make Earth's children cry.

Noble Belgium we share your painful loss.
Your pain and fear reminds us of our past,
When planes destroyed our trading towers high.
We hope the Brussels blasts will be the last.

Oh, ICIS you are not Mohammad's kin!
The Prophet weeps and aches within his grave
For what you do in Islam's name and shame,
And all the world calls you Satan's slave.

Once again, Lord, please, never once again.
Let the carnage, the pain, and sorrow end.
We are all spirits of the same love's gift.
Please show the way for conflicts to transcend.

Let all the candles of the world ignite,
And let the flames of love embrace the hate
And end the cause of pain with Source’s light
So human kind can be its sacred fate.

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