Friday, January 15, 2016

Power Ball

(A big sigh or phew or however you spell it.)

I am so glad I did not win the big power ball lottery.

(Full disclosure) I did have a ticket.

While we enter these games of chance and wonder what we would do if, by chance, we would win, most of us think not of the consequence.

If we had won, the phone would never stop ringing for days, perhaps even weeks. Relatives you never knew you had would be in touch. Friends you never knew you had would be inviting you to dinner, lunch, breakfast and a meeting to meet a friend who has a great and lucrative idea.

People you don’t know would find your number and email and offer you untold opportunities to invest, donate, and contribute to hundreds of worthy causes.

Investment bankers and money planners would be on your doorstep with innumerable opportunities to help you spend your new found riches, for a fee of course. You have to have a lawyer with those kind of riches and the per-hour rate increases with the amount you've won.

The term, “nouveau riche” would take on a new meaning in your life and the lives of your family.

Your religious affiliation would be looking for an appropriate “tithe” to help all that is. You think you get a lot of requests for funds now, wait until you name gets into the papers and on the internet as a big, big winner.

Yep, I’m almost glad I did not win.

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