Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dear Ms Palin

Dear Ms Palin,

Do you really know who you are endorsing? The Donald may signal that he embraces your conservative values, but Mr. Trump is not a conservative. He's a egomanicical billionaire proclaimed conservative and they are far different from the conservatives one finds in Iowa, Alaska or elsewhere.

Look at the roster of money conservatives in the country today. The first ones who comes to mind are the Koch brothers. The only conserving they want to do, in my judgement, is to protect their own money from Uncle Sam. The same too for all the television pun-dents who gather the public moss with a rolling stone of gab that has no legitimate weight.

Ms Palin, if your truly want to help your country and amplify the principals upon which you stand, then get out of the way and let the leavening of proof politics rise at its own time without your participation. You had your fifteen minutes.

Reactionary conservatisism passed two elections ago. It passed with Goldwater in 1964 and it passed with you and McCain eight years ago.

Balanced conservatism and balance liberalism have always been right for our republic. It is when a few politicals, on either side, hijack, usurp or distort the balanced philosophy devoid of compromise that we get confrontation, confusion, and convoluted rhetoric that confounds the electing public.

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