Friday, January 8, 2016


There was a sadness to my visit to my primary physician today for a general physical. It was not for me, but for an elderly couple who came into the waiting room and then sat beside me.

As in most medical offices, the patient went to the window to check in. His voice was loud and distinct as he pulled out his wallet to do his co-pay.
“What! He exclaimed, fifty dollars? I do this every week and the co-pay is twenty-five dollars.

I couldn’t hear the response of the person behind the open glass, but it must have been like – the insurance company upped the co-pay.

The elderly man‘s shoulders slumped as he said,  “I can’t afford that.” “you’d better schedule me for every two weeks”.

I watched him write a check and then dejectedly shuffle to a seat next to his wife, and next to me.

He tried to keep his comments to his wife, “sotto voce,” but I could still hear him clearly.
“We can’t afford that increase.” “Hopefully we can get by.”

This goes on too much in America. No, we can’t blame one or two reasons and even though politics is certainly part of it, it is not the fault or responsibility of one party.

It is the singular consideration of our collective national ethic. If we, the citizenry, of our republic define national safety as bombs and guns,congressional PORK and walls to keep out, we will not have the funds to care for those in need in the December of their lives.

It is as simple as that!

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