Wednesday, December 16, 2015

You-hoo Congress!

Hey Congress,

While you enjoy your Christmas/holiday recess and your paychecks still come in from the people of America did you know this.

I read recently that half of the people of our nation are either in or at the poverty level. I can't vouch for the exact accuracy of the statistic, but even if it's close, it's shameful.


That's about 159-million of your constituents.

"Constituent" means people you have been elected to represent, just in case you have forgotten.

In my dictionary there is a new meaning for politician.

Politician: 1. One who gets elected to improve the general condition of the country and promply forgets why he or she is there.

                 2. Selected individuals who vote themselves separate retirement packages.
                 3. One who gets radicalized into partisanship.

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