Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Again Why?

I have to ask the question. Is our government stupid or what? Three interviews missed the social media penchant for a jihad from Tashfeen Malik. The US government agencies were prohibited from using social media tirades in denying visas. I repeat the question.

AND why are not all Americans offended by Donald Trump's proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering America? Religious freedom is one of our most sacred tenents. Trump is using fear as a path to the presidency.

Why is not Ted Cruz, a staunch conservative, and defender of the constitution, calling out his friend's abhorrent proposal? Same reason.

Why are not the sane, if there are any left in congress, standing, shouting, yelling to all the media cameras that Trump is wrong? Why are not the news media commentators, newspaper editorialists, and local columnists writing, speaking every day that with Trump America is moving closer to demogragory.

Fear is the precursor to getting what we don't want.

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