Monday, December 28, 2015

Wandering Mind

At my age, I’m thinking about the future, but not just the future of the December of this life. I am thinking about what’s next. The next time, if I choose to be, in body again and I re-experience the density of this place and the illusion of what we call time.

If that does not turn you off for the rest of this post, then have fun and read on. If it does and you are disturbed that there might be other possibilities that co-exist, blend and mesh or even supplant your spiritual absolutes then ignore this post and I send you blessing of life and living that transcend any belief system.

Ending always engender beginnings. This year’s ending dictates a new year and new choices.
When the prophet Jesus told his disciples that, “in my father’s house there are many mansions,” he probably meant it literally, but the common intellect at that time thought it meant the other side, heaven, the happy hunting ground, nirvana or any other name you can remember from the myriad of belief systems existing on this planet. If you even glance at the universe, as NASA, avails it the public, then you see where I am going.

As Carl Sagan once espoused, “there are billions and billions of solar systems in our universe,” he could have said there are billions and billions of mansions in our universe, but that probably would not have worked for our modern concretized belief systems embedded throughout this planet of choice.

To bring my original lead sentence back into focus. “The future.” Where is it? In my daily mediations and limited mind analysis, I find it, the future, not in the illusion of now, but in the creation of thought as I participate in the vision of what I think the future of this planet can be. I believe that each of us has the power to manifest, not only the new potentials of here and now, but the form and substance of what the future will be if we choose to incarnate into form again as a different, but more aware and new persona of the same spiritual entity.

I will continue to think about all of this, not that it is true, but that as if it’s true. It gives me a comfort intellectual pillow that adjusts for the wanderings of an inquiring mind.

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