Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Leaves First

I will have one more mp3 recording on the 24th that will appear on my website, not here, but for now some thoughts that have been rumbleing through my mind that are certainly more personal that public, but when the muse speaks it must get out. So I thank you for your courtesy in advance.

One Leaves First
©2015 Rolland G. Smith

Oh, how I wish it were not so
To live within an empty house
That once was whole, so short ago
Before the passing of my spouse.

Beyond the pain of letting go
And tossing stuff and learning chores,
There are the memories that I know
When finding things in bureau drawers.

I found a card that I once wrote.
She saved it with some other things,
Photographs and an old school note,
Some trinkets too and grandma’s rings.

Fifty years, plus another two,
We had together living life.
A century half and more; too few
When looking back as man and wife.

I talk to her most all the time.
I know my ears can’t hear her voice,
But there’s a sense of love sublime
And mending thoughts provide a choice.

As she is there and I am here
With only inches in-between.
The spirit states there is no fear
For life exists passed earthly dream.

The hardest thing it seems to me
Is living new when life’s reversed.
The saddest thing I know to be

was knowing that she’d go home first.

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