Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trump's foul words

I know, I know I promised an mp3 and it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Working class America, and I am one of you, but some of us need to wake up before the greatest tragedy to ever befall America becomes a possible reality.

If you were not offended by the words, the innuendo, the prurient references of Donald Trump in a speech ridiculing Hillary Clinton then you are not what your Mother wanted you to be. Respectful in public, foul mouthed in private, if you must, but keep it clean and descent in public.

Hillary should be ridiculed for any number of things, but not in the way Trump’s foul mouth did it on the campaign trail.

Any other individual speaking like Trump did in public, in any job, would have been reprimanded or fired and you know it. Trump believes his wealth will keep him immune from common decency criticism, but eventually support for this man will fail for he is not representative of what America stands for. The time is now for working class America to diligently search for that common man or woman who will truly represent the will of the people and find a way through the fear, the hatred, the prejudice and the ignorance of sacred leadership.

Sure, we are all frustrated with the action, inaction and skullduggery of congress, but Trump is not the answer. I don’t know if there is an answer or if we can get close to an answer in this election, but it’s not Trump.  

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