Monday, December 14, 2015


Are you a bibliophile? Do you love books? Do you love stories about finding a great book, perhaps even a first edition? Then you need to get “Rare Books Uncovered” by Rebecca Rego Barry.

I went to one of her book signings the other day and it was a delight. She read, answered questions, discussed and shared her extensive knowledge of the book business. I was pleased to hear that the feel of a book in hand is competing with the Internet book readers.

Her book is published by the Quarto Publishing Group.

I have a large book collection and every once in awhile I go through my library and pull out each book. I hold it and even though I’d read it years ago. I remember the story and my enjoyment of it.

My library has two types of books. The hardcover classics or someday classics and the softcover titles in which I have written margin notes for my own reminders and edification. When I reread them I would still underline about 80% of the same phrases that I did ten to fifty years ago. Someday I'm going to write an essay on the truths found in book under linings and margin comments.

Rebecca Rego Barry is a fine writer. She’s fresh, un-compromised, other than her love of old books, and she is knowledgeable, witty and a pleasure to read. Get the book! RARE BOOKS UNCOVERED.

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