Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow and What Could Be

We’ve just had another twelve inches of snow on top of the twenty-five we already have on the ground.

I’ve been living in the Northeast for most of my life and I can’t recall the winters being this snowy or receiving storm after storm.

BUT some members of Congress say we don’t have climate change or global warming or seasonal aberrations. That’s typical of today’s Congress; ignore the facts because they interfere with the mercantile agenda of my state or district.

Congresses inability to legislate for the greater good doesn’t necessarily have to do with just weather or climate, it’s opposition to anything that takes taxpayer dollars away from a region that might impact the reelection chances of a Congress-person.

Got it! We know the political game.

But just for a moment let our minds go back to the old days. To the time when Federal elected officials were plain citizens who were chosen for a short time to represent their fellow citizens in the Congress of the United States of America.

Those chosen would stay for a term or two and then return to the farm, to the store, to the foundry, to the life as an ordinary citizen; a few select souls would become President and cabinet members and members of the loyal opposition, but they would eventually return to civilian life with grace

Not anymore! Dynasties are not part of the original constitutional equation. And please not anymore snow.

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