Friday, February 13, 2015

Bob Simon

Requiescat in Pace Bob Simon.

I have this vision of Mr. Simon arriving in that other place with past family, friends and so many others waiting to greet him and say, “You did a great job back there. Welcome home.”

In line:

Mike Wallace
Walter Cronkite
Harry Reasoner
Ed Bradley
Chet Huntley
David Brinkley
Edward R. Morrow
Ernie Pyle
Jim Jensen
Chris Borgen
John Reilly
Bill Beutel
Roger Grimsby
David Bloom
Helen Thomas
Tim Russert

And so many more, in countries all over the world, who have died in the pursuit of telling truth.

Rest well Bob, to paraphrase Emerson, great men exist that others may follow to be great and greater.

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