Friday, February 6, 2015

Brian Williams

People embellish things and events for many different reasons. The daily truth distortions disseminated on television and radio could fill an evening of prime-time programming.

I understand that news anchors and reporters should be held to a high standard. Credibility is important.

I support NBC’s Brian Williams, not for what he has purported in his Iraq experience, but for what he has done in the aggregate credibility of his career. He does not deserve to be villified and forced aside as some have suggested.

I do not excuse his embellishment nor does my support of Mr. Williams degrade the experience and honor of those who served in the 2003 Iraq war. I acknowledge their frustration and fury that saying you were in harms way when you were not is like wearing a battle ribbon you do not deserve.

I have been to war zones and I know the fear. I have been an anchor and reporter and I know the responsibility.

I am also old enough to know that the ethical frailty of the human condition is part of all career paths and I cast no stone.

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