Monday, February 16, 2015

2016 Campaign

I have thoughts today on the strain
Of the twenty sixteen campaign
A limerick point,
To scold, not anoint,
How negative gives us a pain.

Advertisements are often diseased
With rampant political sleaze.
Let's say from here on
No mean lexicon
Let's demand commercials that please.

Imagine what that would be like,
Back to times of Stasson and Ike
The ad's must be clean
And nothing that's mean
With statements that only unite.

It starts with political speech
And the rule to follow for each,
Find something that's nice
That's true and precise
With comments that honor, not preach.

Do you think we could make it a law
In this leadership quest seesaw.
All ad's must be true,
That people will view
If you lie, or smear, you withdraw.

And tell us at once where you stand.
Do nothing that seems underhand.
Stay simple, direct
The truth, in effect
Elections would surely be grand.

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