Monday, October 27, 2014

Past Peek, but...

I spent a few hours over the weekend kayaking on a peaceful river near my home. The fall folliage was past it's color peek, but that didn't matter. There were a smidgeon of deep reds and bright yellows here and there; some still green shrubs added a contrast so the scene was a perfect Eastern fall day.

The water was clear and shallow in spots so I could see the bottom rocks still covered with the decaying vegetation of a summer's growth. I imagine the trout, bass, and catfish that live in these waters will head for the deep pools when the water gets several degrees cooler. 

The water's flow was slow, but with a slight current. I paddled upstream for a few miles and when I returned I could drift with the molasses like current and I enjoyed the push of a downstream breeze. It  also festooned the water before me with falling leaves. We floated together in the silence of silence.

That was it for me for the season. I've put the boat away until spring, but I will remember the cosmic experience all winter, especially when I feel the winter science that equals the river float.

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