Friday, August 31, 2012

Roadside Grace

We often forget just how fortunate we are in our ability to see beauty. In many ways I think we incarnate for the sole purpose to create beauty out of the wandering thoughts that move through our minds.

I was stopped at a crossroads waiting to pull out into traffic. I had the window of the car open. I looked down at the side of the road and there festooning the dusty dirt and grim that edges the side of all roads was a collection of Queen Anne’s Lace and the light blue blossoms of wild Bachelor Buttons.

It was beautiful. Then as I drove on the country road for a few miles to my destination I noticed these two flowering plants gilding my way. What a treat.

Along the Road
© 2010 Rolland G. Smith

Bachelor buttons and Queen Anne’s Lace
Astride the ways to every place.
Crocheted in white the doily blooms
Beside the lanky Bachelor Plumes.

Both thrive where few would like to be
Along the road for all to see.
A gift of grace for passers by.
Their whites and blues reflect the sky.

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