Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lies, Slander and Rumor

I’m still getting anti-President Obama emails from well-meaning friends. I have asked them not to send me these Internet generated pieces of prejudice and false statements filled with rumor, innuendo and disrespectful diatribes, but despite asking I still get them. I also get anti Romney falsehoods and I feel the same about them.

When I can I refute the false statements if listed, I copy everyone on the senders email list with my corrected litany of the false statements.

Based upon the number of emails I have received so far this election season from people in all walks of life, I am convinced there is seething prejudice in America against races other than white being President of the United States.

I am ashamed of all latent prejudice, political or otherwise, wherever it is and however we find it.

I have no quarrel with discussions on divergent political paths on issues of the budget or how to run the country. Those are legitimate concerns for debate and will be settled in the voting booth, but to oppose a political ideology solely on race or creed is immoral and un-American.

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