Monday, August 27, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, died the other day. He was 82 years old.

I can imagine the journey and the reception for his homecoming to that other place.

Passing through the proverbial tunnel of light he probably said, "This is nothing, try blasting off in a rocket that takes you out of Earth's orbit" or "Try wondering if you'd ever leave the moon's surface after a few days of enthralling mankind."

Can you imagine the reception he got in the spirit world; so many old friends and family, Sally Ride, Grissom, White and Chaffee were probably the first one's there to greet him as he arrive home as were so many others from later space disasters. What a party! It's probably still going on.

I imagine the wise elders in the spirit world and the angelic souls and guides who watched over his corporal life were there to say, "Well done Neil and welcome home."

He might say in response, “It was a glorious life with some tough choices, but I did the best I could."

Neil Armstrong learned to fly when he was sixteen. He went on to be a combat pilot in Korea and a test pilot later and then commander of Apollo Eleven and then to be the first human to set foot on the moon.

Can you imagine his wonder and awe at seeing the vastness of the universe from a spiritual perspective and what that kind of omniscience brings to awareness?

Perhaps where he is now if you think about a place you are there. You can be on the Moon, or Mars or Alpha Centuri in an instant. Why not. In that other place, the other side, maybe all things we can imagine are possible. What if thought is the genesis of creation? I like to think it is.

Maybe my imagination of that other place is not much different than his was as a teenager dreaming that one-day mankind would step on the moon.

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