Monday, September 26, 2011

Yankees Again and Again

Some thoughts on the Yankees winning the American League East.

From 1949 through the fifties the Yankees won seven world series titles. Those were formative years for me. I was a youngster and I was a ball player. Sand lot as well as organized play. I listened to the ball games on the radio and went to the games at Ebbetts Field and the Polo Ground, but never Yankee Stadium. 

My mother was a Brooklyn Dodger fan. My father was a New York baseball Giants fan and there was more than a little rivalry in my household. The Dodgers were my team too. I occasionally rooted for the Giants, but never, ever the Yankees. 

Needless to say in those formative years for me, when the Dodgers got into the series, it was usually against the Yankees and every year, save one it was, "wait till next year."

I’m sure all those losses affected me deeply. I must have deep adolescent scars from my Yankee Fan friends who won every bet, every year.

I am older and wiser now and I can be more magnanimous. My congratulations to the Yankees, however, includes a caveat…I do miss “D'm Bums.” in Brooklyn.

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