Friday, September 16, 2011

Political Distortions

To me there is a disturbing trend and trait in the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls. It is a willingness to distort facts and spout hearsay and gibberish and subsequently mislead the electorate.

Representative Michele Bachmann, after the Florida debate, suggested to an interviewer that the vaccinations against the human palillomavirus (HPV) could cause mental retardation. Absolute poppycock. 

The medical establishment has jumped all over Bachmann for that very misleading remark. Bachmann was continuing her attempt to discredit her rival Governor Rick Perry of Texas for his 2007 executive order mandating all sixth-grade Texas girls be required to get the vaccination. Incidentally the legislature overrode the governor’s order and it never happened.

Perry has his share of misinformation, so does Romney and so does President Obama. In fact, they all use out of context statistical data gleaned, often times, from unreliable sources to back up their claims of successes or to refute the statements of their rivals.

In these trying times Americans need truth, not distortions. We need clarity, not obfuscation and we need honesty, not lies in claimed accomplishments so we can choose a leader who is inspirational, qualified and gifted in bringing us all together for the good of our country.

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