Thursday, September 8, 2011

A new/old experience

Hi All,

Its happened! I'm going to try something old which is new again.

Radio.  It sure has changed since I started my broadcasting career in radio in the late 1950's. Working with partners Carl Sabatino and David Bernstein is a pleasure. Very professional, very accomplished and very smart. I'm trusting they will guide me through the rough spots and help eliminate my cobwebs of retirement.

If you have the chance tune in once in awhile. And send me a note ( a nice note ). OK, OK, any note will do. Remember I'm a sensitive older guy. If you don't like it write to Carl. I'll be mowing the meadow.


Press Release - immediate

AM 970 The Apple, New York City
LIVE Broadcast
Sunday, 7:00 – 10:00 PM starting 9/11/11

New York. Emmy award winning news anchor and journalist Rolland G. Smith, and veteran broadcaster Carl J. Sabatino have teamed up for a new, Sunday night radio show called “Smith/Sabatino.”

Smith/Sabatino will be heard every Sunday evening, LIVE, from 7-10 pm on AM970 The Apple, and streaming on

Smith/Sabatino is offered in the talk and information format as a show that focuses on what we’re all exposed to in the news, and why it’s there. Smith and Sabatino face issues with a practical slant to events, and every day problems. Their message is one of a common approach, and an understanding of those issues and interests that address our lives in the most significant ways.

The program also presents a light and entertaining side, one that balances the hard issues with conversation and talk about the diversions and distractions of life.

In a three hour, LIVE over-the-air broadcast with Internet streaming, Rolland Smith and Carl Sabatino go to the issues in a dialogue with the audience. It is a realistic, pragmatic and centrist approach to the talk format.

Rolland G. Smith is a television news reporter and anchor known for his Emmy award winning work in New York for WCBS-TV, and super station WWOR-TV. In Washington, DC for Metromedia Television as White House and Capitol Hill correspondent, and as anchor, news reporter for NBC in California. He is an author of  three books of poetic commentary.

Carl J. Sabatino is an on-air talent, executive and Internet broadcast producer. Former CEO of World Televsion, Senior Consultant for CNN Radio, WTFM, and WNEW in New York and broadcast executive for Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal Television. He has been an on-air talent for “The Morning Show w Carl Sabatino” heard on WSIA in New York metro market, “New York Saturday Night” on the Network, and the nationally syndicated yearly broadcast “The Christmas Eve Yule Log w Carl Sabatino.”

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