Friday, September 23, 2011

Is it Beast or Beauty?

I am often in a quandary these days as I try to decide the content of these posts.

Part of me want to reasonably rage against the political rhetoric coming from the republican candidates for the GOP nominations and their misuse and distortion of facts. President Obama too is not immune from using factual distortion. He has altered statistics in his favor in order to sell his current jobs/stimulus program.

The other part of me wants to write about the beauty of fall and life and how we can participate in it as it. I will do that, but not today.

What I want from ALL elected officials, local, state and national representatives is TRUTH.

Explain the value of your plan in the context of what you will do, or try to do, or hope to do, but not in the attacking denigration of a potential opponent.

We have become an angry, contentious society. The frustration of not having a job or losing one’s home or having to down size one’s wants and hopes all lead to anger and subsequently to blame. Blame is never smart.

Thoughtful strategic planning with disciplined and innovative input is the only way jobs will come. America can than compete with the rest of the world on an equal footing.

The mercantile world is now multinational. The days of Eurocentric and unilateral American domination of a high gross domestic product are over. China, India, Asia and elsewhere are now in the competitive mix and they want it more badly that we do.
But back to an angry America, all sides are to blame. All sides contribute to the anger. We are all part of the negative contributions. I am, you are, and so is the tea party, the mainstream republicans, the mainstream democrats and the excessive liberal democrats and even the independents that stand on the wayside waiting for a mystical sign of recovery. All sides need to cut the political rhetoric, the lies, and the innuendo and find a commonality of solution in civility and compromise.

Potential GOP candidate Rick Parry of Texas is a prime example. To come to New York City during the United Nations gathering of heads of state and call your president, “President Zero,” is wrong, demeaning and destructive to the ongoing foreign policy of the United States.

I would submit that Mr. Parry is not privy to the inner workings of behind the scenes diplomacy nor should he be until and if he becomes the GOP nominee for President.

Come on governor, that’s not presidential behavior, it’s disrespectful to the office of the President of United States and it takes away from the good ideas you do have.

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