Monday, July 11, 2011


I’m going do a series of personal “whys” for this post.

I don’t have the answers to any of the “why’s” I question, but it seems from my advanced age prospective that there ought to have been some answers forthcoming both long ago and immediately.

Why is it that cars and trucks that are rounding a curve always seem to creep across the double line and encroach on the oncoming lane? It’s like pilots busting altitude restrictions and encroaching on another aircraft’s airspace. Not a good idea.

Why is it that there always seems to be a train tragedy in India, or Bangladesh? There was one in India yesterday and twenty-one people were killed.

Why is it there always seems to be a ferry capsizing in Indonesia and the like and dozens are drowned? There was a river boat double decked that sank in the Volga River yesterday out of a Bulgaria. So far one hundred are missing. Why?

Why can’t the republicans and the democrats solve the dept issue in one conference? Why do they have to posture and puff and prolong the needed decision? I would vote them all out of office and will do so with my immediate representatives, both Senate and the House at the next opportunity.

Another big earthquake hit Northeastern Japan.  I can’t ask why because the answer lies in the tectonic plates and the volatile volcanic ring of fire that skirts Japan.

Why is it we have such interest and adoration in British royalty when nearly two and a half centuries ago we fought a revolution to get rid of them? I like William and Kate. I was just wondering.

Why is it that the United States of America professes and promotes peace, but we sell or give arms to friendly states or organizations that often turn around and fight us? I know this is an old memory and is not a case in point, but prior to World War Two we sold the steel from a torn down New York Third Avenue elevated to Japan. Guess what? We got a lot of it back in bombs.

Why is it that the might of many countries cannot stop the Somali pirates from hijacking unarmed merchant ships in the Indian Ocean? Seems to me a coordinated effort on the part of several countries would stop the piracy in its tracks or better yet, its wake.

Why are we as a country not moving into another phase of space travel and exploration? We started it, but now we are abandoning our expertise and technology and relying on the Russians to resupply the international space station. Perhaps all the money we are spending on suspect wars is one of the reasons.

Have a great Monday and don’t concern yourself about these “whys”. It’s another one of my rants.

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