Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hell or Not?

One of the questions always hanging around belief circles is: Is there a hell? I figured it out for me. It does not exists. 

Do we really think that a loving All That Is sits up there, out there, in there, wherever your mind can place a diety and looks at each of our actions and decides based on what we have chosen to do that Heaven is for one and hell for someone else?

I think the Divine, however you personify it, is truly All That Is and in that "isness" there is unconditional loving, and that means no judgment whatsoever. That does not mean there are no consequences. With every choice we make there are consequences. It is the immutable loving Law of divine balance.

I also think that our innate basic nature or spirit is also unconditionally loving, but we don’t choose to be it very often because we have forgotten that we are part of God along with the power that goes with that understanding.

I think the Divine created us out of love to be part of its glorious self; to be personalized expressions of All That Is so that the experiences we choose allow the Creator to experience itself as us.

I think that we are the individuation of the indivisible and that translates in street language to, “baby, we ‘is’ part of each other and part of All That IS.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of one religion or another saying my God is the true God or my belief is better that your belief or my God’s name is the real name. God has every name that ever existed, including yours and mine.

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