Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lies and Innuendo

Some of my long time friends who are staunch conservatives continue to spread the rumors and innuendo about anything that President Obama does or says. Some of the thoughts are downright lies, distortions and deceptions. 

I support the first Amendment guarantees. Freedom of speech has always been part of my professional and personal ethic, and while I don't agree with spreading untruths, I acknowledge the right of any individual to cast them to all who choose to blindly listen. At the same time I have an obligation and a responsibility to point out the fallacy of the rumor or lie or innuendo. When I receive these false allagations I refute them with the truth.
My friends are intelligent enough to do the same thing, but they are mired in their political emotions and anything, whether it is a lie or innuendo they spread to all their contacts.

Hate is a dangerous and self destructive emotion. When directed toward another, either in internet rumors, verbal abuse or silent cowardly innuendo, it has a powerful negative effect.

Hate of a person or a philosophy or a religious belief does nothing to the intended recipient, but it destroys the hater from the level of the spirit. It is consumptive in nature and cancerous in its ability to obscure the hater from the light of truth and the joy of knowing the miracle of our oneness.

The great teachings of all ages caution us about the power of hate. It binds, and attracts to the hater what is seemingly directed at another. It is as strong in its ability to hold pain as the power of love is in releasing it.

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