Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Puppy!

What were we thinking?

It happened. A little ten week old Yorkie needed a home and we are it.

Just about a year ago another puppy became ensconced in our home. Her nature over the last year and every day we have had her continues to teach us that the expectation of what a puppy is, is not necessarily what a former puppy was and each one is special and this one equals them all.

Both of these little ones are precious. Fibber is the name of the new puppy and McGee is the name of the one we got just a year ago. If you are old enough you will get the connection.

OK, why another puppy now? I’m not sure. We’ve had several great dogs throughout the years. We’ve had mutts and mixes and pure breeds and they were all both physical as well as spiritual companions. We realized that puppies need other puppies in order to be happy.

The new puppy is about two and a half pounds. He is a Yorkie and is active, playful and loves McGee. He will probably max out at around eight pounds. McGee is six pounds.

Companionship works for us humans why not for dogs too.

When McGee grows up I'm going to encourage her to run for congress. Fibber can be her campaign manager. I'm sure she will understand the human condition and needs better than all of congress today.

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