Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sheila and the Hawk

My long time and special friend Sheila Ryan DeBold send me one of her magnificent photographs yesterday. Sheila was my photographic partner in the production of the book "Encore - The Poetry of Nature."

Her photographic accuman continues to bring nature to all of us who are priviledged to see her photos.

This photograph was taken just after she pulled into a Starbucks for a coffee. There on the red pipe sat this beauitful Red Tail Hawk. Sheila slowly got back to her car and got her camera. The Hawk stayed in place.

In our Native American culure the Red Tail Hawk has deep spiritual powers and significance.

"The Hawk is a messenger. When it flies into you life, you need to pay attention to the subtle messages found in your surroundings and from those you come in contact with. Holding the key to higher levels of consciousness, this totem awakens vision and inspires creativity. It signifies union with The Great Spirit. The elements of Fire & Air are present in Hawk medicine. 

The Red Tailed Hawk will soar beside the one whose own gift of psychic vision my be exceptionally acute. They will be protectors of Mother Earth and tread softly upon her, encouraging others to do the same."

Here is one of her photographs. Look into the eyes of this spiritual creature and tell me there is not love for the human species and concern for the polluting degradation of our shared environment. Messages of need and warning come from many sources and in many ways.

Thank you Sheila Ryan DeBold for this profound visual connection to nature.

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