Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Wonderful Life

Christmas energy is a warm uplifting inner glow that affirms the value of good will and how sacred life is.

It's no wonder that this time of year, the Jimmy Stewart film It's a Wonderful Life, continues to capture our hearts with the simple truth that every life counts. I watched it again the other night.

In the tale, Clarence, an angel trying to earn his wings, shows George Bailey that it is the living of life that is wonderful, not that every moment is pure and without pain or that every dream comes true. It is a poignant story of how we are all connected to the universal sufferings and celebrations of life.

The truth of life and the spirit of Christmas are one in the same. You feel it in the little things we give to each other: a smile, a hug, a handshake, a kind remark, and even in the gifts we give to strangers. These are tough times for a lot of newer people so remember the food bank, toys for tots, the Salvation Army and Gifts For Grown-ups and www.

The Christmas spirit and a wonderful life happen when we choose to give what we seek.

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Lorelei said...

I have watched this movies many times over the years and it fits today as it did then!!! There is not a year that goes by where people are struggling one way or another and their dreams are sometimes dashed. But, if you just look around and see the others that suffer you will recognize the strengths within that you can pull up from and count your blessings. They may not be exactly what you want or need at the time, however, but as you reflect upon them you will see that you really have had the most important to begin with.

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