Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In some disciplines they say that on one’s birthday there is the gift of prophesy. I don’t know if that’s true, but I will offer some mindful speculations for the future.

My thoughts all lead to a positive outcome, but the process may be conflicting and catastrophic for what is considered the norm. So be it.

Logic, meditation and a long time interest in the environment tells me that weather anomalies will continue to plague the planet. Our home planet has experienced unusual climate phenomena in recent times and I think it will continue. I think the earth is sentient. She was called Gaia in ancient times and she is sending humanity a message that we need to change or she will change us for us. I am disappointed that our global leadership ignores the signs.

I see the good of the world’s religions embracing their benevolence instead of their dogma of elitisms. Conditions within the Catholic Church will lessen the constriction on condoms. It will take longer for women priests, and married priests.

Radical Islam, like radical Christianity will eventually embrace tolerance instead of Jihad and Crusade. The great teachings of Mohammad, blessed be his name, and those of Jesus, blessed be his name, will manifest as living truths of choice. Belief is and always has been an individual choice and cannot be dictated by religious or secular edict.

It is time to stop wasting limited and valuable resources on things of destruction. Let us use the radiance of certain elements like Uranium, Plutonium and Cobalt for medical research not for arsenals that would destroy the world.

Intellect is a commodity too and it is being wasted on the emotions of hate, greed, conquest, and control. Intellect and its building blocks of thought can create a world without fear, without hunger and without conflict.

What is truly amazing about this is that it takes so very few of us to think the same thing for it to happen.

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