Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frilly Gifts - A Limerick

Women know men can be lead.
Lingerie to make some blush red.
Others however,
Often endeavor
To peek before clothing is shed.

This surely is no passing fad
For men have always been glad
Of what women wear
And choose to share
That in public is often forbade.

I wonder where all this began
Was it Follies Bergere - CanCan?
Who added the lace?
A spice to the chase,
To catch us whenever we ran.

Some guys will try to fight back.
But smarts and cunning they lack.
They get an old book
From cranny and nook
Or play cards, perhaps some blackjack

They go to their shop and their tools
Believing that they’re not the fools.
They hammer a nail
Or fill up a pail
And try to make up some new rules.

Me thinks we should say were we stand.
To prove that our heads not in sand.
If put on the spot
Admit it or not
Victoria Secret is grand.

1 comment:

LAS said...

You go Rolland!!!!!

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