Thursday, December 9, 2010

The "I Am" presence

Every once in awhile we should ask ourselves, Why I am me?

I often ask myself this question and with every asking there comes a different answer based upon my experience and growth in that moment of the asking.

Why I am me? One answer for me is to participate in this time and space, in this place with infinite choices and live in the moment with the nearly six billion other souls. We have come to experience life together. What a concept!

In each generation, perhaps in each lifetime, special souls are born to help us find, accomplish, complete, and create new paths to the Source that give understandable meaning, knowledge and an elegant grace to life.

Sometimes those souls will manifest in science and philosophy – Einstein and Epictetus; sometimes in literature – Dostoevsky and Miller; sometimes in leadership – Churchill and Lincoln; sometimes in music –Beethoven and Berlin; or art and architecture – Michelangelo and Wright and sometimes in belief systems: Moses, Christ, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, Krishna, Gandhi, and thousands of others like them who in silence serve and served The Source and who taught by example that the way to The Source was through positive deeds of choice and unconditional love.

If we look at history we find greatness and charismatic leadership in all fields of creative endeavor. We can go to any country in ancient or modern times and find individual greatness that influenced nationalistic culture and global history and we can find individual dictatorial greed and cruelty. In some spiritual disciplines they call the latter, "misdirected good."

The Balinese of Indonesia have a perfect saying: “Bhuta ia, dewa ia”, Man is a demon, man is a god. Both true.”

“Why I am me?” begs different questions. "Why am I so fortunate and what do I need to learn from the experience?

It makes me think. What about you?

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LAS said...

Fortunate conjours up the real meaning of the word (bringing some good thing(s) not foreseen as certain) be fortunate to have the things to survive as a human being, i.e, ability to know happiness/sadness, good/bad health, to love/be loved, humor/sadness, understanding, compassion for those around us, food for well being, water, conveniences such as electric, gas, water, basically any unforeseen certainty.

We are taught what can be expected but we are all not equally certain to be fortunate to have them.

I have been extremely fortunate and the best thing is that I realize it and thank God for them.

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