Monday, April 26, 2010


I don’t know about you, but each day I read the headlines from around the world and I am disappointed at the insensitivity of the heart, the insecurity of the spirit and the instability of reason throughout the world.

Daily, people are killing people because they believe differently than they do or they have something that power can take.

People are still bombing innocent people because they think that martyrdom is the only way to heavenly bliss.

The belligerent nation of North Korea continues to provoke its blood brother to the south.

Deaths in mine disasters or on oil platforms always generate new calls for safety. Where were the callers for safety when the dead were alive? Why does authority only listen after people die?

Some public officials continue to cheat and get caught despite earlier politician's convictions of similar crimes.

Leadership and leaders, politicians and partisans continue an argumentative detachment over the climate and its potential ramifications.

A man pleads guilty to an al-Qaida plot to bomb New York subways.

A Brazilian court O.K.’s a dam near the Amazon that will displace thousands of native peoples.

Greed thwarts financial reform.

It goes on and on.

WHEN will human kind see some of their beliefs as contrivances that control the mindless and the weak?

When will politicians see themselves as primordial elemental and not elitist?

When will courtesy and compromise replace contention and conflict?

I know a way out of the hell we have created for ourselves. It is only through LOVE of self and neighbor that peace will come.

No other way is possible. We tried them all and they don’t work.


Gabi K said...

What do you think, how many people are REALLY able to love?
Seems to be very hard as the results you mentioned show.
But I will keep on trying...

Anonymous said...

I read this quote this morning, and it struck me as the root of our situation:
“We are no longer looking at a world of abundance we can wrap our arms around,” said Hutterer. “We are looking at a world in crisis, in dire crisis, and we still don’t understand the systems we live in.”

Although probably not an interesting article unless you are in my hood, here's the link to the entire read:

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