Friday, April 9, 2010

Honor and Integrity

A friend sent me an Internet link to an organization called, “Field of Honor.” I clicked on it and liked the principle and ethic behind the celebration. It takes place in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The website says: “This living display of heroism will fly (flags) as a patriotic tribute to the strength and unity of Americans, and will honor all Veterans who are currently serving, those that have served, and the men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our nation’s security and freedom.”

Bravo Fayetteville. America honors you for your tribute.

The Stars and Strips is an outward symbol of a noble inner belief of equal opportunity, liberty and freedom.

Each color of the flag symbolizes something different. The Red is for the patriotic blood spent and spending. Blue is for the beliefs we sustain and are reminded of every time we look at the sky and White is for the divine essence that birthed the atavistic principle that all are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights. (Sound familiar?)

WE THE PEOPLE is the most powerful phrase in the English language. WE, you, me and even everyone and anyone else who never thinks or thought about the ramifications of the power of “WE” will reap the rewards and strength of “WE”. "WE" drops the infectious amalgam of the ego and moves one into the oneness of spirit.

Singularly each of us can “Am our own I”, but collectively we can change the world where each soul is guaranteed a fair and equal participation in the selections of a shared future. It is called many things depending on the culture. It is known as fairness, sharing, service and democracy.

There is another little giant that goes along with these positive choiceful actions.

Integrity is the dominator of all actions. Without it nothing is sacred. Nothing can be sustained with honor. Nothing can amplify the divine within each of us and nothing can grace the collective individualization of the whole.

Integrity will be the rap song of the future and the love song between generations. Integrity will be the choral prayer of harmony and connecting symbols of global beliefs. Integrity is the only meditation that results in the utilization, the implementation and the manifestation of truth.

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