Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holding On

I’m wondering on this day why so many human beings stubbornly hold on to their ignorance.

I have no suggestion as to where they might go when they finally let go of what holds them in place; only their innate inner being knows that. I only offer a singular path of experience that letting go (of anything) leaves a space for something new and that newness might be life changing and revelatory.

The process of letting go could be applicable to politics, to business, and to beliefs. Letting go does not mean rejection, refutation or denial of the value of the original dogma. It means moving up one layer of being and belief, keeping the former as a foundation upon which to build the new thought and then marveling at how the change of heart changed the mind.

We are constantly reminded in nature of letting go to always have.

Plants will whither and seemingly die in the frosted fall, but yet within is the constancy of life. Trees lose their leaves in a blaze of October color and remind us over and over again that return is inevitable.

When we are able to look at all things and beliefs as prologue for the new then our life changes immediately.

“I saw a rose before its bloom within a bush of thorn. Invisible, yet crimson bright, hoping to adorn a table vase or heart with grace upon a morn.

Until the buds unfurl bright in aromatic rose, few will see the flower there ready to compose a blossomed stem of prickling points and barbs sharp juxtapose.

But as the warmth of spring resumes and cosmic colors flow, the scarlet of the sentient stalk begins its sanguine grow and dabs the bush in beauty with red roses in tableau.”

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Topher08 said...

Ignorance is bliss, as the old saying goes. Ignorance is safe and secure. One does not have to labor to obtain it, for ignorance is given to you and most readily accept it without challenge.

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