Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sedona's Vortexes

I am here in Sedona, Arizona. A place of sacred energies, false beliefs and prophets, and native traditions.

Visually, this is a divine vista. The soaring red rocks and plateaus amplify a sentient power and accept, as adulation, the individual beliefs of those who come to feel the earthly energy that is exposed here.

Where it comes from I know not. Who discovered it I know not. But I can tell you from several experiences in this environment there is something here.

The people here call them vortexes and invoke them as tourist’s attractions. They call them portals of spiritual and earth energy. There is feminine energy from one portal that seems to be passive and nurturing. There is masculine energy from another that feels assertive and empowering and there seems to be a neutral energy in another place that embraces and energizes anyone within its sphere of influence.

Whether you believe the power is here or not does not matter. The beauty of the landscape is empowering enough to inspire anyone who takes the time to look, sit, and meditate. The result is an appreciation of the grace of nature.

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