Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Debate? What Debate.

I guess I am pee-ode (again). The headline Monday evening was that Senate Republicans are united to block debate on legislation that would make major changes in the financial industry regulations since the Great Depression.

These could be changes that might prevent happening again some of the recent banking and financial problems that devastated the housing and investment markets over the last two years.


All sides put their spin on it, but what’s happening here?

This is another example of partisan politics and a head in the sand mentality. Both sides are guilty of this. They send the message to the American people that this is another disagreement between the parties and that compromise is not possible because one side won’t even discuss it. (At least not publically…they will behind closed doors).

Secretive discussion blocks a public debate of the bill's merits. We the people need to remind Congress that debate is the cornerstone of democracy and in a representative democracy it should be a discussion in the public domain.

I think refusing to debate is not government, it’s obstructionism and obstructionism is always inimical to the will of a democratic people.

If you have a problem, talk about it. You don’t like something, debate it. You don’t sweep it under the proverbial, “let’s not talk about it” rug on both sides. I’m reading from these soon to be deposed members of congress that they do not realize the timber of thought and the essence of silent energy against their contention that is rampant within the electorate.

I don’t mean the “tea-party” folks and the staunch party groups, although they are both part of it. I mean the average citizen, both young and old, who are fed up with the contention and controversy in Washington and will vote to see a change.

Mark my words. November is close.

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