Monday, April 12, 2010

Again disappointment

Again I am disappointed in the Republicans and the Democrats in our House and Senate for their lack of courtesy, civility, and concern for the good of the whole in their demeanor and discussion in Washington.

I’d like to remind them again of what my latest trip across America led me to conclude that
“Throw them all out” seemed the consensus as I drove and asked in various communities what should we do about the contention in government.

Why do I believe my thinking and the statements of citizens I met sustains a truth?

Already there are demands and dissention, not discussion for an unknown Supreme Court Justice nominee to fill the post of retiring Justice Stevens. It is a perfect time for both parties to come together and find the best person for the job.

It is not the time to find a conservative or a liberal leaning jurist, just the best. We’ve got some major issues facing the court. Heck, we have monumental issues facing our nation’s future and we need the best minds we can find, not the best partisan minds politics can muster.

There was another recent glitch when several Republican Senators objected to a nominee for a Justice Department post because that person criticized the interrogation process of suspected and jailed terrorists held by the Bush/Cheney administration.

Criticized the interrogation process? Good grief!

Of course, someone, everyone, should criticize the use of torture. It is not part of America’s
democratic tenants or a part of America’s future. It is not noble in cause or course.

Torture happens when hatred replaces ethics. Torture happens when reason no longer speaks to authority. Torture happens when we lose our way to the noble democracy to which our founding fathers believed we were destined.

Let us not disappoint the ethical vision of the past because of a fearful future.

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Anonymous said...

Rolland...I agree that the current search for a replacement Supreme Court Judge should focus on "the very best..." Unfortunately, the search will likely end up in another conservative vs. liberal cat fight with the best and brightest being overlooked and falling by the wayside.

Frankly, I don't have any suggestions or nominees but I would like to see a Constitutional supporter and scholar in the job. I certainly don't agree with the lady on the court who believes we should look to the laws of other nations for the conduct of our courts. A generous serving of common sense would also be desirable.

Dave Moore

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