Friday, September 4, 2009


Warning! Warning! Warning!

Remember in the sixties on the old television show, “Lost In Space,” a robot named Robbie would electronically speak that phrase when danger approached.

I am saying the same thing, Warning, warning, warning.

I’ve written about this before, but there is a continuing and unusual level of contention germinating within the political and social structures of our society. I’m not sure why. It may be a collective frustration of the current economic climate or the angry debates on sensitive issues. Maybe too it’s ignorance or the fear of change or even something much deeper that touches a darker side of each being.

The tension is seemingly pervasive and we all had better be aware of it and observant for a single as well as a collective frustration by aberrant and passionate souls can alter the course of life and liberty for all of us.

What I am observing is that there are individuals and groups out there; people who claim to love this country and the principles upon which it was founded, who profess the only way to be a patriotic American is their way and if you don’t like it, move, get out the way or you can be eliminated. That to me is frightening; both for the soul of the myopic hater and for those who are unaware or say let someone else think about it. All citizens need to be counted in the plebiscite of living in this democracy of choice.

I offer, as one suggestion, that what we each need to do is to call upon the knowing force within us to help us embrace tolerance, compassion, courtesy, kindness, patience, discernment and LOVE. When we become the evidence of those actions, stand aside and smile and watch what happens to hate, prejudice, contention, violence and anger.

Robbie and I will then be silent.

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Gabi K said...

you feel that danger,too...
Couple of month ago I had a conversation with my aunt who will be 80 years in December. We talked about the frustration and the angriness people, especially young people, seem to feel.
And we had a very sad conclusion out of this conversation. It somehow feels like the athmosphere before the Third Empire. Is's scary, very scary! Unfortunately we had no solution...

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