Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was thinking about meditation the other day as I sat near the ocean and how many teachers say meditation is listening to the Source, while prayer is petitioning or praising the Source.

I sat alone on a gigantic quartz rock at the water’s edge. My old body doesn't quite bend like the photo at the left, but you get the idea.

A rhythmic mesmeriation embraced me. It was the unseeing, but minutely moving tide that mimicked the crimson flow within me.

My mind accelerated the time that the tide takes and I could feel the tidal ebb and flow in my mind as a metronomic mantra. Tide in, tide out, tide in, tide out.

I asked myself for a definition of that soothing process.

The self responded by saying, meditation is the letting go of all concerned, perceived and casual thought. It is putting aside all worry and playful antidotes that echo through the maze of the daily mind.

“It is especially the letting go of me,” (the self) my mind said and added, “I can come back at any time.” “Let go!” it said.

Meditation, intellectually, is the elimination, if possible, of all emotion restricting and constricting the mind from the NOW. It is a catalytic carefree elation that abandons thought, if only for the illusionary time of choice.

Meditation is the NOW being aware of the NOW, and not caring that the NOW exists and then knowing there is so much more to BEING than living in the NOW moment. It is not climbing an imaginary ladder to some etheric plateau. It is never needing a ladder in the first place.

As I thought about these constructive words that moved through my mind center there was an instantaneous understanding. I let go of all thought images, as far back and as close to the moment as I could, and what appeared was a veil of luminescent nothing.

Bliss emerged from the nothingness. A sense of joy engendered a smile to no one who could see it. Time vanished, as I did, and I was one with the All That Is and it seemed like forever.


Now, how can I do that again? What an imagination.

I liked it though!

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Rose said...

Thanks!!..I needed that today~~

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