Friday, September 25, 2009


Global interconnections come to mind today what with the G-20 summit meeting in New York.

China and the United States are getting along. Uncle Sam and Mother Russia smile at each other. With a few glaring exceptions from bandits, rebels, separatists and jihadists there are encouraging signs of an emerging global village. I wish there was more sanity, but that’s the way it is.

Al Qaeda the West’s belligerent nemesis continues to shake the Islamic sword threatening by innuendo, rumor and arrogance the tender stability of a global penchant for peace. Two deadly wars don’t help the situation.

The world needs to remember that true leadership is a gift from below and is never held by force at least not for very long. An inspired leader does not forsake people to stay in control. A benevolent leader does not attack the innocent or the weak with the excuse that history makes it right.

All seekers of a lasting peace have learned it will never be found if they stand at idle and let new sabers and old sayings cut down the growing global vision of cooperation, compassion, and tolerance.

The world needs leaders that respect the greatness of its diverse people.

The world needs leaders who embrace the philosophy that the miracle of life is not in its oneness, but the diversity within the oneness.

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