Friday, September 18, 2009

Phillies Fan and Love

I saw the All That Is, The Source, and The Supreme Being on a video clip yesterday and it was wonderful.

I hope you saw it or at least heard about it for it was a vision of unconditional love at its most profound.

Steve Monforto, a solid, long-time Philadelphia Phillies fan was at the ballpark with his wife, his sixteen months old daughter and his three-year-old daughter, Emily.

He caught a foul ball for the first time in years going to a Phillies game. He was excited, delighted, and fist-pumped his buddies. He then handed the ball to Emily and she promptly threw it away to the lower stands.

Steve had a momentary look of shock and surprise and then quickly smiled and gave Emily the most loving embrace that a Father could give a daughter and it was captured on live television.

He hugged, cuddled, cradled and embraced his daughter in unconditional Fatherly love that most of us believe God would do for us if and when we toss the prize away within the innocence of play or even in our actions of life.

Steve said later, "I think she was startled by the reaction of the fans around us; there was a collective gasp. Emily was also startled by the look on my face. I just wanted to let her know it was OK — that she didn't do anything wrong."

Montforto did go home with a few baseballs. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and three team employees saw what happened and each grabbed a ball and took it to him in the stands.

Isn't it amazing what the Loving Presence of Life will teach us in our play if we but pay attention?

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