Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Notes and Observations

Some catch up notes and other observations.

To Gabi K: I will send you the information you requested, but I need your direct email address. The note you left on my blog has a non-returnable address. Sorry. Send your info to smith.rolland@gmail.com

To a long time journalist friend, (you know who you are), who sent me a note suggesting I have been fooled by the “charlatan” Obama.

My old friend, when once you wrote copy for others and me you applied the journalistic ethic of “Mr. or President” when referring to our duly elected President of the United States. Why not now in your retirement?

Justice Learned Hand once said: “ Democracy is tolerance for all shades of opinion, persecution of none.” I believe and embrace that truth.


I am back in civilization from my camping trip to seashore Maine with family, friends and grandchildren. What a delight despite the rain.

We had fun cooking breakfast and dinner in the outdoors, laughing at each others foibles, getting soaked from a day long torrential rain, kayaking, hiking, roasting marsh mellows, Smores, saving bugs, tying knots, poking sticks in the fire, wondering what that noise was in the middle of the night, telling the stories of recent experiences and reminiscing around the evening campfires and seeing if the mantra, “White Rabbit” repeated rapidly could change the direction of the fire smoke. We tried, but it didn’t work.

I, for one, am exhausted and very glad to return to showers, real bathrooms, ice, dry clothes and towels, warm water, softer beds, pillows and did I mention showers.

I would not change the experience for anything and truly look forward to another camping trip next year.

BTW, the photo up top is me working hard setting the fire while the kids were off sailing. Nice of me, isn’t it? There is also a small libation in my camp armchair net. The other photo is dinner from that same fire, hmmmm good.

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