Monday, May 9, 2016


There is something I'm beginning to realize as I continue in my 75th  year. I won't reach that milestone of 75 until December, but the process is a progression of wonder.

First of all, on the inside, I don't feel any different than when I was 35. I continue to embrace good health, with some minor aberrations, but probably they were present at 35, I just didn't know it until symptoms emerged as I aged.

Now, my outer body diminishes with the exposure of time. The hair thins, the muscles weaken; despite reasonable exercise. The memory fades and the desire to compete lessens with each short day of long life.

What does not change with age is the passion for creating for that is an inner engendered commodity. To create a thought that may be universally beneficial, to write a collection of words that inspire, enthuse, and provide a profundity that will demand discernment from the reader and a willingness to share its truth, is a creation worthy of life’s purpose.

To create a better world to live in, whether it’s with an act of service, a song, an artistic creation, an invention, a concept or a feat of athletic ability is a gift to the advancement of humanity.

Public acknowledgment may never come, but it is there for the use of others in the illusion of time.

Go for it!

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