Friday, May 6, 2016

Our Mothers

We know them and call them by different names, Mother, Mom, Mum or Mommy, but they all means the same thing. Love!

The word, the name, the affection we feel, just in the saying of it never changes throughout our adult life. Our mothers are our first nurturer, our first care giver, our first friend.

My mother returned to spirit a long time ago, but she lives in vibrant memory in my heart.

I remember.....

A kiss hello and a kiss good-bye.
A hug when I was hurting, even when I was an adult.
Understanding, when she didn’t.
Worry when she needn’t.
Bragging when she shouldn’t
Giving when she couldn’t.
And I will always remember her smile.

I remember too, her happy tears and laughter and her unconditional love for me that came with every hope, every success and every failure. And in the positive memory and love for my own mother, comes an acknowledgment and an appreciation for all Moms.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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