Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Every day is another reminder that there are people in the world who don’t care for life. They only care about the agenda of a perceived religious or political dogma to achieve their desire of purpose or greatness.

Life is the gift from the All That Is. Living is what we choose to do with that life.

Some choose fulfillment in the ordinary joys of daily living. Some choose fulfillment in literature, music, or art. Fine literature, great music, and inspirational art move us into a realm of appreciation and self-resonance of our divine nature which is the criterion of creation.

Killing, terrorism, fanaticism and dispassion for the welfare of others is the antithesis of what we spiritually are.

If we accept that a loving deity created all of us, then it follows that each and every soul on earth, despite their individual choices or beliefs or non-beliefs is part and parcel of that deity.

In trying to understand why some souls, all of whom are part of the holy whole, would choose mayhem and murder; hate and greed, rather than the emulation of the Supreme Love that they truly are is a hard cognitive stretch.

What if this whole theatre of life is a script from beyond that we designed to teach ourselves that Divine love is UNCONDITIONAL and our component of it is what we're here to learn.

Damn, that’s hard to understand.

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