Tuesday, May 10, 2016

McGee, My spiritual director

I talked to McGee, my spiritual director and I asked her what was the most important thing we humans can do in today's global society?

She said, "Let go of want."

"Want of what," I said.

"Stuff," she said.

And then she curled up on the rug and left me to think about "stuff."

I thought about it for a while!  Does stuff really give me security? Does stuff give me permanent comfort in the living of my life?  Does stuff advance the human condition for which each of us is responsible in some small measure? Will it make me feel good? Does stuff guarantee me a place on the other side where I am comfortable with my choices?

I had to answer no to all my questions.

I tried to wake McGee, all curled up, with seeming no worry or care and ask her more questions, but all she did was roll over to get her tummy scratched.

Maybe that's the grace of life's choices.  We can either roll over and except life as unconditional, and experiential, and growth, as the animal kingdom does, or we can fret and struggle over sustaining our stuff which isn't going to matter when we pass anyway.

I wonder if I can come back as a dog?

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