Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump's Folly

A good friend asked yesterday why does the media continue to promote Trump. He said, “The way to get past him is to ignore him.”

The legitimate media has a responsibility to report the actions, the words, and even the idiotic things candidates say in public, good or bad, especially if they are running for president.

If Shakespeare were to meet Trump today, he would probably characterize him as a “comedic sot.”

Trump’s theatrical pronouncements, no matter how inappropriate, inflammatory and inaccurate eventually will end his presidential run, not as an also ran, but as jester in the political court of 2016.

It is unfortunate that some people believe his prejudicial rhetoric and attend his contrived rallies of support.

 If we needed an example that prejudice is rampant in our country just look at the numbers who attend his rallies and support his singular views.

American politics used to have intellect behind political principles. Today we only have money.

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