Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day Stuff

It was an interesting day yesterday.

President Obama was strong, forceful, presidential and in charge in his press conference speaking on the Iran nuclear deal. A friend of mine said, and I agree. His command was seven years late.

A note of truth: An OK agreement that averts conflict is better than another bad war. The agreement gives humanity eighteen years to get it together and that any war is futile; given the current realignment of celestial and mortal energies to the positive, I suspect we might make it as a global society.

I received two books in the mail today; real books that had printed words inside covers. What a delight. Lately I’ve been reading my tomes on a Kindle, but this was different and it brought back comforting memories.

I could feel the words between the covers. I could caress the volumes and not worry about the battery running low before I ended my reading. I’ve always known about the power of physical books, but sometimes I forget the earlier pleasures of reading life.

I watched Ted Cruz being interview on PBS. He said Donald Trump was a friend and would not repudiate Trump’s derogatory pronouncement on Mexicans.

I immediately switched to a game show. It was better entertainment.

A cool front approached my region and the wind announced its arrival. I took time to enjoy its approach as I once again acknowledged the grace and beauty of nature it all of its forms.

Except for Cruz and Trump it was a nice day.

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