Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Iranian Deal

The Iranian deal is done, at least as far as the negotiators are concerned. I have not read it yet, BUT...

Now it up to the United States to either embrace the negotiated settlement or scuttle it. Politics will play a prominent role in the spin and in the vote.

Each country participating in the negotiations had their self-interest as their primary motivation for a yea or nay on the final deal. Russia already has said it will now conclude a sale of a sophisticated air defense system to Iran. What does that tell you? Every other country in the barter had their primary reasons for concluding a deal; most of the secret stuff will remain hidden and believe you me there are secret side agreements the public will never know.

On the sidelines and kibitzing, carping, and saying any deal is a bad deal is Israel. They have their legitimate reasons and they are the only country directly in the path of destruction if Iran cheats on their promises. It’s too bad Israel was not included in the high intensity negotiation.

Looking at the bigger picture, I have to fervently hope that all sides will keep their word and by the time the decade plus agreement ends peaceful minds will be at the center of each government and in the hearts of all human beings.

The United States, Russia and France are the largest arms dealers in the world. China is not far behind. It is time the little warrior minds of greed, politics, power, and conquest are subdued so the noble thoughts of a peaceful world can prevail.

The planet cannot survive another world war.

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